Preview 2.9.0. It sounds questionable, at best. The universe of Destiny 2 evolves today with the launch of the new expansion, Beyond Light. The frontier of Europa holds many lost secrets from the past, including the dark power of Stasis. You must work with the mysterious Exo Stranger to harness this new power before Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, bestows it on her Fallen forces. Get caught up on the story and learn about the new elemental power Guardians get to wield as they explore the brand new destination of Europa. Grow your arsenal, master Stasis, and go beyond the light. ... Dec 19, 2020, 03:07pm EST. However, that was apparently just the beginning for Bungie. Destiny 2: Beyond Light is another solid expansion to the ever-evolving shooter that you know and love, but falls prey to the same content scarcity and repetitious grind it’s always had. A new post claims to be full of "leaks" about a Destiny 2 fall expansion called Collapse. Destiny 2's 2020 Expansion Release Date. A since-amended PlayStation Store listing for the base game was discovered by Reddit users to contain a … June 9, 2020, Destiny 2 reveal. Either way, this early-June timeline fits with Bungie’s usual announce time for Destiny 2’s fall expansion — like Forsaken’s reveal on June 5, 2018, and Shadowkeep’s on June 6, 2019. Here's how to get the … With the recent content vaulting by Bungie, players want to know what order they should play Destiny 2's campaign in 2020. Beyond Light is the next big expansion for Destiny 2, introducing a new element for Guardians to wield, a new area on the Jupiter moon Europa, a new story, and plenty of loot to go around. Destiny 2: … The upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, Beyond Light, will change many aspects of the game. One of the big changes coming to Destiny 2 with Beyond Light is … Every time Destiny 2 releases a new expansion, expect the max Power level to increase to a new cap. But game director Luke Smith announced today that Destiny 2 will see the Beyond Light expansion this fall, releasing September 22nd, as well as The Witch Queen in … These are the highlights from their June 4, 2020, TWAB: Destiny 2 Update 2.9.0 will become available next week, meaning we have a pile of patch notes to get through. Explore. Billionaires. This has been the case with every new DLC … This page contains the reveal video along with all the trailers.

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