$(data).find("json").each(function (i, item) { var heures = $(item).find("CustomerName").text(); var nbr = $(item).find("EMI").text(); console.log(heures); }); .attr() is used to get the attribute value of an element like in... document.GetElementById("tombolco").style = "display:block"; That's not the right way. The predicate is invoked with three arguments: (value, index|key, collection). assign, defaults, defaultsDeep, includes, merge, orderBy, and sortBy. 1つ目の配列にはtrueの値、2つ目はfalseの値を返す。条件に一致するものとしないものに分別された結果が配列に返ってくる。. 使い方は`.groupBy`と似ているが、最後の要素だけ返すところが違う。. : #... You can use .map, like so var data = [ 'h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o', ' ' ]; var indices = [ 4, 0, 5, 0, 1, 2, 2 ]; var res = indices.map(function (el) { return data[el]; }); console.log(res); The map() method creates a new array with the results... javascript,angularjs,internet-explorer-9,google-fusion-tables. If fromIndex is negative, it's used as the offset from the end of collection. The handler for each type of event is passed a certain set of arguments. var obj = {}; // Initialize the object angular.forEach(data, function(value, key) { if (value.start_date > firstdayOfWeek && value.start_date < lastdayOfWeek) { if (obj[value.firstname]) { // If already exists obj[value.firstname] += value.distance;... ofcservices.getnews() is a promise You need manage with the function sucess and error ofcservices.getnews(). Important: Note that, while many Lodash methods are null safe (e.g. If path is a function, it's invoked for, and this bound to, each element in collection. _.flatMapDeepと使い方は似ているが、指定された回数だけ結果がフラットされる点が違う。depthのデフォルト値は1なので、何も指定しなければ_.flatMapと同じになる。. 公式)This method is like _.sortBy except that it allows specifying the sort orders of the iteratees to sort by. 公式)Gets a random element from collection. Because the first entry in the array is the overall match for the expression, which is then followed by the content of any capture groups the expression defines. Your form does not contain a form element with the attribute name="submit", so therefore it fails and moves straight to the else statement. It is always a message event. // [{"username":"John","score":36,"active":true},{"username":"Jake","score":50,"active":true}], // [{"username":"Bill","score":20,"active":false}], // {"username":"John","score":36,"active":true}, // {"username":"Jake","score":50,"active":true}, // {"fail":[2,4,3,7,8],"pass":[20,32,42,256]}, // [{"user":"barney","age":34},{"user":"barney","age":36},{"user":"fred","age":40},{"user":"fred","age":48}], // [{"user":"barney","age":36},{"user":"barney","age":34},{"user":"fred","age":48},{"user":"fred","age":40}], // => [{"id":4,"name":"A"},{"id":3,"name":"B"},{"id":1,"name":"C"},{"id":6,"name":"D"},{"id":5,"name":"E"},{"id":2,"name":"F"}], // {"id":3,"name":"Charlie","age":10}, // {"29":[{"name":"Jane","age":29}],"30":[{"name":"John","age":30},{"name":"Jack","age":30}]}, // [{"user":"barney","age":36,"active":false}], // [{"user":"fred","age":40,"active":true}], // [ -5, -1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 27, 42, 52, 158 ], Qiita Advent Calendar 2020 に参加してQiitaオリジナルグッズをもらおう, you can read useful information later efficiently. Even though you are using .on() with event delegation syntax, it is not working as the element to which the event is binded is created dynamically. 公式)Creates a flattened array of values by running each element in collection thru iteratee and flattening the mapped results. Matches $99 $.99 $9.99 $9,999 $9,999.99 Explanation / # Start RegEx \$ # $ (dollar sign) ( # Capturing group (this is what you’re looking for) (? Many lodash methods are guarded to work as iteratees for methods like _.every, _.filter, _.map, _.mapValues, _.reject, and _.some. Lodash helps in working with arrays, collection, strings, objects, numbers etc. If you don't "override" the loadComponent method then the default component loader's loadComponent will be invoked which only calls the loadViewModel if you've provided a viewModel config option. Gracias a @thefourtheye, tu código fue de gran ayuda.Creé una function genérica a partir de su solución utilizando la versión 4.5.0 de Lodash. Save anonymous (public) fiddle? Let's first define add a mean function to _: Let's define functions for selecting the rows and columns: aggr function takes a sub-list of our data and aggregates its values into one value (which here is a string representation of a rational number): You can control the order or filter the result by specific countryCode or brand by modifying the rows and columns arrays, similar to spreadsheets. This is most likely the cause for some images to fail to receive a proper dataUrl. You are registering the handler to col-md-1 which is the parent of the delete button, but that element also is created dynamically so when... It’s quite trivial: RegEx string.match(/\$((?:\d|\,)*\. Help us understand the problem. 公式)Creates an object composed of keys generated from the results of running each element of collection thru iteratee. Try like this angular.module('AngApp', ['angularGrid','restangular']); ... Use onbeforeunload function of javascript window.onbeforeunload = function() { //Declare cookie to close state } This function will be called every time page refreshes Update: To make loop through every value use this $.each this way: var new_value = ""; window.onbeforeunload = function() { $.each($('div.box_container div.box_handle'),function(index,value){ new_value = ($(value).next('.box').css('display') ==... EMI and CustomerName are elements under json so you can use .find() to find those elements and then text() to get its value. Lodash allows you to install its modules one-by-one (npm i lodash.groupby); I believe in this way you will get shorter, more maintainable code with clear functions. you cant replace string with object. _.keys, _.entries), this is not necessarily the case for their Native equivalent. _.sampleはランダムな値1つだけ返ってくるが、これは取得できる個数を引数で指定できる。. So you never get the value. Your PHP is checking if $_POST['submit'] contains a value. 公式)Checks if predicate returns truthy for all elements of collection. [Update]: I've removed most of the layout and lodash (failed code) from before because the JSON data format has changed. I've just updated your jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/0sq2rfcx/8/ This should work on all browsers included IE7 $('#b1').click(function () { $('#result').show(); $("#result").animate({ scrollTop:$('#a1').parent().scrollTop() + $('#a1').offset().top - $('#a1').parent().offset().top}, "slow"); }); $('#b2').click(function () { $('#result').show(); $("#result").animate({ scrollTop:$('#a2').parent().scrollTop() + $('#a2').offset().top - $('#a2').parent().offset().top}, "slow"); }); $('#b3').click(function () { $('#result').show();... the first "A" in AJAX stands for "Asynchronous" that means, it is not executed right after it has been called. The Catalog of Events has this to say about a "change" event: "change" (model, options) — when a model's attributes have changed. To Clarify: He has this one page setup. 配列から、繰り返し実行された処理の結果を、結果をkey、該当する値を配列にして返す。. Use object to store key-value pair. _.groupBy(collection, [iteratee=_.identity]) 配列から、繰り返し実行された処理の結果を、結果をkey、該当する値を配列にして返す。 公式)Creates an object composed of keys generated from the results of running each element of collection thru iteratee. Every next interval gets a new time to wait and has to be called again. 配列またはオブジェクトから、指定した条件に合致する値以外を返す。_.filterと返ってくる値が逆。. lodashはまだまだ続くので、多分次は別記事を書いてモチベを上げます。. 公式)Iterates over elements of collection, returning an array of all elements predicate returns truthy for. 公式)Creates an array of elements split into two groups, the first of which contains elements predicate returns truthy for, the second of which contains elements predicate returns falsey for. - Be sure not to include personal data- Do not include copyrighted material Log in if you'd like to delete this fiddle in the future. Ie: Chart1.series.items[0].format.stroke.fill="red"; ... You can wrap your string into a jQuery-object and use the .find()-method to select the images inside the message-string: var msg = 'hiiiiiii'; var $msg = $(msg); $msg.find('img').attr('src', 'path_to_img'); $("#chat_content").append($msg); Demo... To get your desired output, this will do the trick: var file = "a|b|c|d, a|b|c|d, a|b|c|d, a|b|c|d, a|b|c|d"; var array = file.split(", ") // Break up the original string on `", "` .map(function(element, index){ var temp = element.split('|'); return [temp[0], temp[1], index + 1]; }); console.log(array); alert(JSON.stringify(array)); The split converts... Let suppose on button click you are calling ajax method