While this puts them as a relative newcomer in the sword manufacturer market, they have quickly established themselves as the high-end standard for exacting historical recreations of popular medieval and other sword designs. Albion's premium, heirloom quality swords are some of the best available worldwide. Small Fantasy Sword ... $1,000 The blade is deeply hollowground of 1/4" 6150 steel. Albion Swords Ltd. originally began in 1999 as a retailer of other products, before beginning to produce their own line two years later. A wide base, a deep and well defined fuller and an outer third of the blade that gradually curves to an awl shaped point, makes the Albion Squire Sword into an efficient cut and thrust design. gahd-hyalt) or 'spike hilt,' due to the distinctive thin quillons on the guard -- distinguishing it from the earlier, more 'stout' Viking hilt forms. Save this search. For defence and war, Germanic commoners and nobles alike would use the Messer / Grossemesser (a single-hand, single edged sword with a wide blade) and the Kriegsmesser ( … The French pursued. The raised midrib gives this blade a good stiffness for its weight while the keen edges are crisp and well defined. After the battle of Sluys, Edward III landed in Normandy in July 1346 with about 10,000 men. Kult Of Athena - Swords - ANE4 - Albion The Soldat Sword - In German speaking areas, the Falchion did not reach the same popularity as elsewhere in Europe. A well defined and long fuller is one of the criteria for this type of sword. Edward III decided to halt near Crecy in Normandy and to prepare for battle the next day. These type of swords were developed to make good use of an acute thrusting point, while still being dedicated to cutting. Kult Of Athena - Swords - ANS12 - Albion Squire Sword - Type XVI swords were developed to make good use of an acute thrusting point, while still being dedicated to cutting. The original sword is pictured as XIIIa.5 in Ewart Oakeshott's Records of the Medieval Sword. C $45.00 to C $200.00. Kult Of Athena - Swords - AMS1012 - Albion Norman Sword - The Albion Next Generation Norman Sword is considered an Oakeshott Type Xa sword. Please provide a valid price range. Kult Of Athena - Swords - AMS1602 - Albion Prince Sword - The Albion Next Generation Prince Sword is an Oakeshott Type XVI. ... 234 results for albion sword. Kult Of Athena - Swords - ANV7 - Albion Gaddhjalt Viking Sword - In the late Viking era this style of hilt was referred to regionally as a 'gaddhjalt' (pr. Instead the common big war-knife saw a development of its own. Kult Of Athena - Swords - ANH13 - Albion Steward Medieval War Sword - The hilt of this sword was inspired by an original found hidden inside a wall in a medieval-era home in Linz, Austria, dated from the early to mid 14th century. Hilts with long slim crossguards were categorized as a Type X by Jan Petersen. Our online App allows you to create a design with text, pre-designed graphic patterns or choose from our library of over 1,000 artwork images. Each limited edition Albion sword is made by hand, one sword at a time, by a group of the most talented blademakers and cutlers in the world. Kult Of Athena - Swords - AF1 - Albion Conan the Barbarian - Atlantean Sword - The Albion Conan the Barbarian: Atlantean Sword is the only version in the world, made under the direction of master sword maker Jody Samson, who made the original swords for the movie.
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