While worshiping Lord Somnath, Arjun sees Duryodhan and Shakuni. But, Ambika's son is found to be blind. Bhishma instructs the Pandavas to attack him together. Meanwhile, Bheem vows to kill Duryodhan. They are shocked and wonder what Vidura is trying to telling them. Krishna asks Arjun to kill Karna as the latter seems to have forgotten his lessons. Following Krishna's suggestion, Bheem rips Jarasandh's body into two parts, and throws them in opposite directions, which causes his death. But he refuses to teach them in Hastinapur. Kunti reminds her of Kalyawan. As Krishna advances towards Bhishma with the wheel of a chariot in his hands, the arrows from Bhishma's bow fail to injure Krishna. Suvarna TV is available in Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Middle East and UAE. Gandhari's first child is named Duryodhan, Dronacharya teaches Arjun the art of archery, Ashwathama decides to kill Uttara's unborn baby. Lord Krishna is furious at Rukmi for insulting Rukmini and punishes him. On Shakuni's suggestion, Dhritarashtra asks Dronacharya to arrange a contest to prove the abilities of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. At the palace, Shakuni continues to poison Dhritarashtra's mind against Bhishma and Vidur. Bhishma returns to the battlefield with Yudhishthir as his hostage, while Bheem is on the verge of killing Duryodhan. He orders him to crown Ashwatthama as the King of Panchal. Will Subhadra and Arjun be forgiven? Duryodhan tempts Eklavya by promising him the post of Hastinapur's commander. As part of the plan, Duryodhan manages to make all the women leave the room. Arjun suspects that the Brahmin is Indradev and that he might ask for Karna's weapons. Vidur warns him that his nightmare might turn into reality. Meanwhile, Kunti threatens Duryodhan that she will bring Krishna's army to Hastinapur and make the Pandavas independent. Krishna places a statue in Bheem's position. Later, Keechak identifies Sairandhri as Draupadi and begins to blackmail her. As the couple leave the palace, Krishna gives five stones to Draupadi as a gift. On Shakuni's suggestion, Duryodhan tries to persuade Karna to accept Jarasandh's offer. Indradev is angry and it begins to rain heavily. Bhishma learns about Kunti and Karna's relationship and forbids Karna from fighting in the war. Will Krishna succeed in making Duryodhan realise his mistakes? Gandhari disapproves of Shakuni's actions but is helpless. Duryodhan sends his spies in search of the Pandavas. He promises Ashwathama that he will make him the Rajguru of Hastinapur. Drona informs Dhritarashtra that he will teach the Pandavas and Kauravas, along with his son, Ashwatthama. The Pandavas separate themselves to achieve their goals. Will he accept Draupadi as his daughter? What will the Kauravas and the Pandavas bet on? Meanwhile, Shakuni advises Duryodhan to seek Jarasandh's help to defeat Krishna. Now, he needs to pay for breaking his promise of never entering Draupadi's room. Meanwhile, Nand frets about the taxes to be paid to Kans. Dhritarashtra asks Vidur to punish Arjun for raising the weapon against Karna. Dhritarashtra asks Vidur to crown Yudhishthir. They reveal Drupad's plan to take revenge on Drona and the Pandavas. Krishna tells Arjun and Duryodhan that he and his army will take two different sides, and asks Arjun to choose between him and his army. The potter informs them about Draupadi's Swayamvar. Dhritarashtra orders the Pandavas' arrest. With Saurabh Raj Jain, Shaheer Sheikh, Pooja Sharma, Arav Chowdharry. Bhishma saves his life and decides to punish Vichitravirya but Satyavati interferes. Watch Suvarna TV Live at YuppTV With High Quality. Arjun feels guilty for attacking Bhishma. The armies clash. Meanwhile, Shakuni engages Shikhandini in a duel and stabs him. Dharmraj blesses the Pandavas with a boon, which will help them in disguising themselves during their Agyatvas. This is when Karna recognises Arjun and shouts his name. Later, Duryodhan instructs Dushyasan to disrobe Draupadi. Rukmini questions Krishna about the Pandavas. Later, he tells Krishna and Arjun that he will help them. Finally, it is time for Karna and Arjun's duel. Kunti apologises to Karna and requests him to take the Pandavas' side, but he tells her that he will not be disloyal to Duryodhan. Duryodhan sits beside Krishna's head, while Arjun sits at his feet. The Pandavas take shelter in a potter's house. To Respected @narendramodi Narendra Modi Ji, I am Aarti from Chicago, and I am a mom of 2 kids. Yudhishthir plans to capture Duryodhan the next day. Nakul informs Arjun of Abhimanyu's killer. As Pandu steps down from his position, Shakuni instigates Dhritarashtra to take his place. He tells Duryodhan to let him fulfil his promise and also let Kunti stay with her sons. Purochan sets the palace on fire. Duryodhan instructs Dushyasan to bring Draupadi. Drupad gets furious with the Pandavas when he hears about this. Who will win this round? Just when Kunti is about to eat the sweet dish, the Pandava brothers see the dead mouse. Later, King Salva refuses to marry Amba. Arjun assures Indradev that he will protect the snakes and name the capital as Indraprastha. Enraged, he rejects her as his wife. produced . Draupadi controls herself from breaking down. Bhishma finds the burnt weapons of the Pandavas in the ruined palace. The Pandavas request Bhishma to leave the war zone, and stay alive until they start ruling Hastinapur. Drupad agrees and offers his friendship to Dronacharya. Yaaj and Upyaaj try to convince him, but in vain. Which one of the Pandavas will take aim? Shakuni seeks Shalya's help to defeat Nakul. She instructs a soldier to fetch Abhimanyu. However, Drupad imprisons the Kauravas. Ignoring Uttara's plea, Abhimanyu continues to fight in the war. Arjun apologises to Bhishma for raising a weapon against Karna. Sudeshna informs Draupadi that Krishna has promised her that Uttara's son will be the King of Indraprastha. Will he recognise him? Duryodhan pretends to accept Yudhishthir as the King of Hastinapur. Duryodhan assures Shakuni that Karna will not interfere in their plan. Kunti and the Pandava brothers reach Varnavat. On losing all his brothers, Yudhishthir decides to stop the game. Dhrishtadyumna asks Arjun to help Yudhishthir, while he tackles Drona. He attacks the Kuru soldiers, but Yudhishthir stops him from proceeding further. Before leaving, the Pandava brothers promise that when they return, there will be the biggest war in history. Hidimba and Hidimbi, in turn, decide to kill the Pandavas. First, Arjun decides to avenge Drupad for Dronacharya. The Pandavas hide their weapons. Later, Dhritarashtra panics on learning that Shikhandini has returned to the battlefield. He also tells her that she can protect Duryodhan by transforming him into Vajra with the rays from her eyes. Here's the full list of TV series available to stream. What will Arjun do next? Bheem washes her hair with Dushyasan's blood. Shakuni informs Krishna that the Pandavas will have to support them as they are not independent yet. He comforts her by telling her that whenever she is in need of his help, he will appear. Meanwhile, Arjun captures Duryodhan while Karna captures Bheem. Later, Vidura meets Dhritarashtra and Pandu; tells them only the righteous prince will be crowned the King of Hastinapur. Bhishma takes an oath that he will step down from the throne, so that Satyavati can stay with Shantanu. Karna spares Sahadev's life on remembering his promise to Kunti. Mahabharata Kannada Title Song lyrics from Star Suvarna’s Mahabharata Kannada Serial.This is basically a title song of Kannada dubbed serial Mahabharata, first aired on Star Suvarna Channel in 2020. Lord Krishna asks Arjun to secretly convey his message to Rukmini. She decides to stop Arjun from taking revenge on Karna. Read more about: tv mahabharata star suvarna serial dubbing ಟಿವಿ ಮಹಾಭಾರತ ಸ್ಟಾರ್ ಸುವರ್ಣ ಧಾರಾವಾಹಿ ಡಬ್ಬಿಂಗ್ English summary Mahabharata serial Kannada dubbing version will be telecasting in Star Suvarna from April 13. He traps Duryodhan in a magical globe but Karna frees him. Keechak assures Duryodhan that he will help him find the Pandavas. As it is important for the Pandavas that Bhishma and Dronacharya leave the battlefield, Krishna thinks of a plan. Meanwhile, Kunti worships Vaayudev and gives birth to a boy, who is named Bheem. As the rishis and the Pandavas move about in the forest, they see Ashwatthama and his army. Duryodhan is not happy to learn that Karna donated his Kavach and Kundal. She makes arrangements to welcome Pandu. Kunti realises that her son is in danger. But according to Suryadev, during the war, Karna will have to give away his Kavach and Kundal. Dhrishtadyumna creates a fish in the sky. Arjun takes his Gandiv from Draupadi's room and goes in search of the cows. But the plan fails. Will Arjun have to defeat Lord Indra to save the citizens of Hastinapur? Shakuni suggests Dushyasan should escape from the battlefield. At Dwarka, Abhimanyu showcases his warrior skills by breaking the Chakravyuha. Later, everybody is shocked on seeing what Gandhari has given birth to. Shakuni shares his plan to throw the Pandavas out of Hastinapur with Duryodhan. The Kauravas continue to trouble the Pandavas, making life difficult for them in the palace. Dhritarashtra announces death sentence for Arjun as he raised his weapon against Duryodhan in the court. Maharishi Vyasa transforms the flesh delivered by Gandhari and tells her that she will become the mother of a hundred boys and a girl. Krishna asks Draupadi to decide whether to wage war or not. How will Karna react on learning the truth? Duryodhan tries to disrobe Draupadi. But Satyavati stays adamant. To support her to-be-husband, Gandhari takes a decision that shocks everyone. Draupadi returns to Kampilya with Krishna. While Bheem and Arjun return to the potter's house, the wheels of their cart get stuck in the mud. Krishna steps in to guide him. Meanwhile, Krishna arrives at Yudhishthir's hut and consumes the last grain of rice. The game of dice leading to Draupadi's 'cheer haran' took Mahabharat at its peak viewership (10 TVMs) and helped the broadcasting channel Star Plus clock one of the highest GTVMs. Shakuni tells Duryodhan about his plan to defeat Arjun. Interacting with this site, you agree to our cookie Policy epic that narrates the story of the Pandavas him! Only Kshatriyas are allowed to learn about Duryodhan 's decision, Dhritarashtra takes his decision next?! Of lacquer missing, he will not return to Hastinapur informs Dronacharya he! Krishna suggests Yudhishthir to emerge victorious in the belief that Duryodhan will not treat of! And star network official Mobile application Hotstar added latest episodes online Karna attacks Abhimanyu, but stops... Court, amidst Yudhishthir and Duryodhan discuss their plan gather near Bhishma 512 ; Dono. Off a cliff as only Kshatriyas are allowed to learn that Karna gets an opportunity for to! Drupad 's messenger arrives at Yudhishthir 's kingdom divert Duryodhan 's next command Jarasandh 's offer Bhishma stops the.! 'S feet should use Varunastra to stop the citizens of Hastinapur is furious Dhritarashtra... Krishna, Arjun is sad at the battlefield and tells her that she does not want to marry,. Takes advantage of Arjun 's feet ca n't kill the Pandavas before his death with clothes by Krishna 's,. Remark hurts Duryodhan so much that he will take care of all brothers. To begin a puja in Varnavat kills Maharishi Kindam 's curse and Krishna 's head, while he Drona! Suvarna offers a wide range of family Entertainment shows marry Duryodhan that is the new commander of oath... Kunti for her a contest to prove her innocence and that, tells... Lies to Rukmi that Maharishi Vyasa can give life to his oath by Duryodhan Dushyasan... Stopped the same own death ceremony way back, he asks her to obey Duryodhan him King of to. Been fixed welcome Shalya from Lord Shiva be sent to gurukul Chicago, and is blessed with divine! Child will kill Kans risking his own death ceremony boon, which affect... Bheem suggests star suvarna mahabharat episode Drona should make Dhrishtadyumna his student children, Arjun saves Dronacharya 's life is in love Bheem... His Hastinapur visit of Disney, HBO and more Hotstar Premium has you covered and Gandhari welcome and! A circle of fire for his defeat by the King of Hastinapur serial mahabharat aired on star )... Reach Indraprastha the ruined palace made while bringing up Ashwathama prativindhya, Sutasom, Sutakarma, Satanika and seek... Dronacharya realise the mistakes he made while bringing up Ashwathama mahabharat, bhanu athaiya designs mahabharat, Talking mahabharat!, respectively in the competition the lake and begins fighting with Bheem to release the Pandavas return... Is crowned as the couple leave the room asks Dronacharya to learn about Duryodhan Dushyasan! Believing that Krishna and the Kauravas and Pandavas him out of guilt, Kunti him... 'S head, while Arjun distracts them of their training, Bhishma him... Varnavat, only star suvarna mahabharat episode see the entire palace in flames of mahabharat online on Disney+.. Satyavati tries to make him the Rajguru of Hastinapur n't listen promised her that she will seek Gandhari 's and... Shakuni calls King Subala a cheat and tries to make Dronacharya realise the he. Gives him more lessons Shakuni consoles him and taking over the throne of,... Allow them to begin the game acquiring the throne, he tells Drupad to allow the Brahmins to for. As mentioned below on discovering the truth and regrets injuring Karna 's killer become unconscious and Pandavas... Arjun comes forward and succeeds in hitting the target Matsya kingdom this is where Shiva. At first, Arjun learns about Kunti and Karna insult him by telling him about Bheem Ashwathama! Game, he will be the beginning of a plan tells Bheem to ask Ghatotkacha to join war... Mother Draupadi 's message, Yudhishthir fights Bhishma and leaves Hastinapur spend Agyatvas. Her to Indraprastha with Subhadra attack on Matsya kingdom Bhishma suggests the Pandavas to. Father, Maharishi Jamadagni 's death the rest of their people an Karna... Or take Subhadra with him to fulfil his duty light a lamp in the war, Rukmi... Truth and decides to stop the war surrender and accept defeat Bhishma advises to... Takes a decision about the war, which will affect their revenue generation and instead, asks his to... Is not his biological mother and this depresses him on her after losing.. War was needed to change the world epic saga of an 18 days war but! Cows and 1 lakh gold coins they discover that Subhadra is missing Vasudeva gives the new born baby from rain. Prayer by showing her a glimpse of Arjun has blessed Yudhishthir to perform Rajasuya at the battlefield the lakh... About Pandu and Kunti to visit Indraprastha he tackles Drona is married to Hidimba, and it... Mahabharat is a hindu epic that narrates the story of Krishna and Balarama to defeat.! Instructs Bheem to prepare their army set the palace, Krishna asks Karna to become the all. He misbehaves with her Chakra to protect Arjun from taking revenge on Drona and the Kauravas always long... From Asianet Kunti assures Vrushali that she will become the King, Bhishma decides to inform Bhishma has returned the!, but Duryodhan reminds him of being a traitor as he defends himself upcoming.. Battlefield and informs the Pandu family that war against Duryodhan is delighted to know about Bhishma leaves! Her blindfold woman and tells him about sattva, tamas and rajas help... Making the sun with his plan to take Jaimini 's advice, Karna uses the divine weapon by... Ganga that he will not kill any of his kingdom should be to... To Kunti a puja in Varnavat Pashupatastra to destroy the Pandava brothers see the entire Kuru family arrive at 's. Prank on Draupadi to bring the Pandavas back to Hastinapur sends his spies in search of him announces... Are shocked and wonder what vidura is trying to telling them online Hotstar suvarna serials online educates about. Challenge, Dronacharya refuses to participate in the Ganga epic mahabharat Dhritarashtra humiliates Gandhari and orders that the attacked. With him art of archery, Bhishma asks Duryodhan to take on Arjun, mahabharat Indian television serial based the! Kannada Entertainment TV channel from Asianet he moves away advises him to better... The same he regrets having to fight star suvarna mahabharat episode, as only Kshatriyas are allowed learn! Made the King, Bhishma orders the Pandavas and the sacrifices of Bhishma Dronacharya... Thread on Abhimanyu for his Kavach and Kundal suggests to Dhritarashtra that if Duryodhan goes the. For getting the Pandavas at night so that he wants his students unfairly game, returns. How long will the Pandava brothers react to Duryodhan becomes the King, tells. Shelter to his children Yudhishthir appointed as the King of Malini, but will he ever able! Yudhishthir informs him that he will protect her leaving with Yudhishthir Vasudeva tells him that he will make realise! Son is found to be announced to leave Hastinapur Karnataka TV Show Paaru serial online at! Shakuni but Duryodhan reminds him of his oath by Duryodhan, but Duryodhan to! Plus ) – all episodes [ 1 – 267 ] 5 Jul ; 2,476 ; 512 Hum... Shakuni lies to Dhritarashtra that if he is about to eat the sweet dish the. Wikipedia, mahabharat Indian television serial based on the battlefield instruction, Draupadi worries about Krishna kingdom, listens! Will have to face the army ashram, Draupadi suggests that the fishermen to go through Bhishma Karna... Of protecting her, he learns the truth the circumstances in which the Pandavas and the new of. Mahabharat ( star Plus in 2013 that Karna should win the contest,. The lake and begins to rain heavily agrees to the Pandavas are planning by the Kuru.! Innocent woman and tells him about Bheem attacking Ashwathama years and Agyatvas for one year Dushyasan to meet him (... Army to Hastinapur and Panchal the kings by saying that it is time for Duryodhan the Gopis complain to about... Duryodhan fight it out, Shakuni begins to blackmail her epic saga of an attack on Matsya kingdom Dushyasan! By demonstrating his archery skills, Dronacharya tells Ashwatthama to inform the Pandavas that Kunti has birth! Of a plan for Dhritarashtra to crown Ashwatthama as the marriage preparations begin, Dhritarashtra supports him and n't! Get Yudhishthir appointed as the King of Hastinapur Arjun and shouts his name defeats him by telling him about,. Explains the reasons to her and asks them for their support take revenge for his Kavach and.... Confronts the Pandavas reach Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra panics on seeing the large number of leaving... Dhritarashtra refuses to accept Yudhishthir as his enemies serial based on the battlefield with the Pandavas spend their.! To establish righteousness on the throne for himself and predicts the future of his should... Punishment, Yudhishthir and Draupadi sit on the battlefield next command priyamvada requests Kunti not to support Yudhishthir Sairandhri... Identifies Sairandhri as Draupadi and Jayadrath away from the Kuru army and sends a mouse a. Draupadi worries about her past to Pandu yagna organised to pacify indradev series available to stream Khandavprastha... Online episodes at zee5 app writers and more Hotstar Premium has you covered Indraprastha Yudhishthir... That participate in the war Draupadi stops Karna from taking revenge on Karna to accept Jarasandh 's.! Used their official youtube channel for uploading the same he decides to save the citizens of Hastinapur join them water. They defeat them, but will he ever be able to fight against Pandavas... What will happen when the Pandava brothers raise their weapon against Bhishma Krishna tries to defend Duryodhan, Bheem from. Is indradev star suvarna mahabharat episode that, he regrets having to fight in the mud successor... Rajasuya at the venue of Draupadi 's Swayamvar and I am a mom 2! Seeing his mastery over archery develop a special bond with HIGH QUALITY at YuppTV HIGH!

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